Email Set-up

You need to set-up certain Email Parameters in Global Preferences so that SPC Express knows how to communicate with your SMTP email server.  

A. Go to File / Global Preferences and click on the 5th tab, "AutoScope & Email".

SMTP Server: (or similar)
Username, Password: johnsmith,applepie (or similar)
Email FROM: (or similar)
Email TO: (or similar)
Email CC: <>;<> (or similar)

B. You may need to also set some "Extra Options" on the 4th tab, depending on your mail server.

Type-in one of the following (default = CRAM-MD5)

SMTPPORT=587 ** (if your server uses port 587 instead of 110)

If you want to turn on Logging (for trouble-shooting):
(A log file name EmailLogFile.txt will get generated in your working folder.)

**   Requires version 05-06-2013 or newer