Periodic Gage Readings

Using the MetraLight Feature to take Periodic Gage Readings

SPC Express has been specially programmed to allow readings to be taken from a MetraLight LaserMike on a periodic basis. However, you can utilize this programming in a more generic way to take readings from other gages as well. You can program SPC Express to send an ASCII command every n seconds to cause a reading to be sent from the gage.

For example, to read a Mitutoyo caliper connected to channel 01 on a FlexPort on comm port 1 every 3 seconds, do this:

Extra Options:

METRALIGHTPORT=1DECIMAL, (specifies comm port 1 and it contains decimal info - not hex)
METRALIGHTOPEN=NONE, (suppresses the sending of an open command upon start-up)
METRALIGHTPERIOD=003, (send out a command, as defined by LASERMIKECHAR or LASERMIKECHAR4, every 3 seconds)
METRALIGHTSOUND=ON, (optional. sounds a tone every time a command is sent out)
LASERMIKECHAR4=R01!, (read FlexPort channel 01. ! sends a Carriage Return)

Note: LASERMIKECHAR defines a single character, LASERMIKE4 define 4 characters.


Input Options:

Set-up the Input Options for the characteristic in the usual way.
Note: It may be necessary to set the comm handshaking to 'none'.

Subgroup Input Window:

When a MetraLightPort is specified, a new button will appear on the subgroup input window. The new button will initially say "Laser: OFF" and appear red. Click it once and it will change to say "Laser: ON" and appear green. This starts the read command going out every 3 seconds. Commands will continue to be sent to the gage every 3 seconds until you click the Laser button again so it says "Laser: OFF".

Note: Version 01-08-2013 or newer is required.