Group Percent Function
Note: This feature requires version 03-10-2004 or newer.

This Math Function (#G) is used to compute "Group Percentages".   For example, say you want to know the fractional percentage of beans in your soup.   Weigh the broth, weigh the noodles, weigh the beans.   SPC Express will calculate the weight of the beans as a percentage of the total weight.

General Form: #GnTTW1W2W3W4     where ...
n = number a constituents to include in the percentage (1 digit, 1-9)
TT = total number of constituents being measured (2 digits)
W1 = the first constituent to be used (2 digits)
W2, W3, W4 etc = additional constituents to be used (if necessary)

Example: If you want to measure 12 grain sizes and calculate the percentage of the 4th plus the 6th weight to the total weight, use: #G2120406