The AutoTrans software package is an option to SPC Express. AutoTrans is the real-time multi-gage interface to the popular SPC Express software package for Statistical Process Control. It allows the user to track up to 32 processes simultaneously while viewing on-screen graphs which get updated automatically in real-time. This newest revision gives the "look and feel" of SPC Express 4.1 with its graphical "point and shoot" interface. This improves the consistency and simplicity of the user interface across the SPC Express family of software. Here are the highlights of AutoTrans Revision 4!

 New Interface 

The user interface for AutoTrans Revision 4 has been completely rewritten (from AutoTrans rev 3). It now has:

 Features & Functionality 
There are numerous Features in AutoTrans Revision 4. which make it a very powerful and flexible, yet easy-to-use, real-time SPC package.

Shown below is a typical AutoTrans real-time screen dump, showing 4 processes being monitored at once, each displaying an X-Bar R Chart and a Histogram. Each window shows the name of the part (or Part Number), the feature (Characteristic) being measured, the operator's name, the most recent sample value (taken from either an electronic gage or keyboard), and how full each subgroup is. You may also "zoom-in" and see 2 windows instead of 8 for more detail.

AutoTrans Real-Time Graphics Display (8 window mode)...

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