AutoScope is an option that is used with SPC Express for Windows to allow a central operator to view the activity of all of the SPC Express stations on a network. For those of you running one or more copies of SPC Express on a network, we have some good news for you. Our newly updated AutoScope product will allow you to see the activity of all of your SPC Express stations from one computer. Simply install SPC Express with the AutoScope option on your computer (perhaps in your QC Office) and you’ll be able to browse the entire network and see how all of your SPC Express stations are running. You’ll see which parts they’re measuring, the Cpk and other statistics of each characteristic, and be able to bring up X-Bar R Charts and Histograms of their data as it comes in! You can even print Action Reports of any process on the network to help you initiate and document corrective action. This can save you a lot of travel time and keep you in constant touch with every operation on your shop floor. If you really want to automate your SPC inspection system, then installing a network with electronic gaging and SPC Express is a must! Without AutoScope, however, you will still need to walk around your shop to see what’s happening. Why not let AutoScope bring all those stations onto a single computer screen in your office! Now that’s smart!

Shown below is a typical AutoScope real-time screen display. This particular display shows the overview of several SPC Express workstations, and how well they are running their various processes. You could then click on any individual workstation to see more detail about that station (X-Bar R Charts, Histograms, subgroup data, etc.)


Clicking on one of the station names (such as Machining Dept) would show you all of the current charts for that station.