SPC Express for Windows - Version 5    
    New Feature Summary    
For additional information, please also refer to the Revision Log.

Access 2000 compatibility - Now you can choose if you want your Part Files to be compatible with Access 97 or Access 2000. It really doesn't matter to SPC Express but it will be more convenient for you if you want to do any off-line editing using Microsoft Access.

Layouts - Did you ever wish you could arrange several charts on the screen the way you want them, then remember that "Layout" for next time? Well, now you can! It's called a Layout. You can have a mix of charts and entry screens arranged however you want them. Just click "Save Layout", then open it again any time you want. There is no limit to the number of different Layouts you may have.

Password Protection - You can assign various functions to each of three different operating levels: User, Supervisor, and System Adminstrator. You can then restrict which levels are authorized to perform which functions. For example, you can restrict your operators (Level=User) from being able to delete Part Files or change Global Preferences.

CAD / Graphics Interface - You can specify a graphics file (gif, jpg, AutoCAD, whatever) for every characteristic. Then with the click of your mouse, pop open that graphic on the screen. This could be handy for providing your operators with measuring instructions, gage positioning, part orientation, assembly diagrams, whatever you want!

Easy-to-use Preferences and Special Options - Over the years, many new features and options were added to allow you to customize your copy of SPC Express to suit your needs. For example, you could choose between a 12 hour or 24 hour time stamp. However, you had to know and remember that such a feature existed and how to invoke it. Now, all the old "Special Options" are conveniently listed on the Global Preferences screen. Turn them on with a simple mouse click.

Pop-up entry Window when Out-of-Control - If you want, you can have a warning pop-up when a subgroup goes out of control. You can then enter a description or reason for that condition and save it in a traceability field in that subgroup.

Out-of-Control Log File - Every time any subgroup goes out-of-control, you can have SPC Express write an entry into a sequential "Log File". The entry will contain the part number, characteristic, and what time the subgroup occurred.

Ability to Clone Part Files - Now you can copy or clone an existing Part File with all of its characteristics into a new Part File. It will be a virtually identical Part File except that the Part Number will be different and it will start out blank with no subgroups.

Ability to Change Characteristic and Dept/Process - Now you will be able to modify the Characteristic and Dept/Process information directly from within SPC Express without the need to use Microsoft Access.

Ability to copy Traceability Entries - You can enter a traceability entry one time for a subgroup and have it automatically copied into all open Chars for your Part. This would be handy, say, if you are keeping track of the Operator Name. The Operator would only need to type in the name in the first subgroup taken and SPC Express will look for other open windows for that same Part Number and put the Operator's name there also.

Actually, that last item on the list (traceability copy) has been there for a while, but few people knew about it.   That is really one of the key improvements in Version 5.   It will allow you to more easily see and use the many new features that have been steadily added over the years.   See Revision LOG.