SPC Express is a fast, easy to use, professional package for statistical process control. It is designed to be used in the office or right out on the shop floor. SPC Express is completely menu driven, using your keyboard or your mouse. Samples can be entered using the keyboard or just about any electronic gage. Features include: Query-based reporting, X-Bar R, Individuals and Moving Range, P, U, N, C, and Pareto Charts, Histograms, ASCII import/export, and three level password protection. These are only some of the capabilities of SPC Express.

"If you've been looking for something that's FAST and EASY-TO-USE, and generates PROFESSIONAL, INFORMATIVE REPORTS, then SPC Express is right for you!"

You can even run SPC Express on
a portable industrial computer, like
the Endura from GageTalker Corp.

The SPC Express Main Menu ...


Click here to view the SPC Express for DOS Product Spec Sheet