Our software products, published by us, are all used for Statistical Process Control. The gage interface hardware is made by Midwest FlexSystems and allows gages to be easily connect to your computer so that readings can be taken directly by the SPC Express software.

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The SPC Express family of Quality Control software consists of three main products - SPC Express for DOS, AutoTrans for DOS, and SPC Express for Windows.   The DOS versions are listed here for historical reference only and are no longer being sold.   SPC Express was created over 25 years ago and has gained a reputation for being the easiest-to-use SPC program ever available.   SPC Express was designed to run in an office or out on the shop floor and can receive sample data from either electronic gages or the keyboard and charts up to 100 characteristics at a time.

In order to assist you in deciding which product is right for you, we have put together a table comparing the various programs. Click on one of the titles for more information on that product.

The SPC Express family of Quality Control software

Feature SPC Express for DOS AutoTrans for DOS SPC Express for Windows
Release 5
System Requirements:      
   Minimum CPU PC PC 486
   Minimum Memory 640K 640K 64MB
   Operating System DOS or any Windows DOS or any Windows Win 98/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7
User definable scale factors yes yes yes
Computer Calculated Control Limits yes yes yes
Extended Control Limits yes yes yes
Modified Control Limits yes yes yes
Graphical User Interface w/mouse yes yes Windows GUI
Variable Subgroup data yes yes yes
Attribute Subgroup data yes yes yes
On-Screen & Printed Reports:      
   X-Bar R Charts yes yes yes
   Moving Average/Moving Range yes yes yes
   Histograms yes yes yes
   Box & Whisker     yes
   Scatter Plots     yes
   P, U, N, C yes yes yes
   Pareto yes yes yes
Other Printed Reports:      
   Blank Data Sheet yes   yes
   Action Report yes yes yes
   Performance Over Time Report yes   future
   Monthly Cpk Report (by directory) yes   yes
   Data File Report yes   yes
   Automatic Printing of Action Reports   yes future
   Reports printed in color     yes
Printers Supported Dot Matrix, Ink Jet, DeskJet, LaserJet Dot Matrix, Ink Jet, DeskJet, LaserJet All Windows supported printers and plotters
Screen Resolution 640x480(standard VGA) 640x480(standard VGA) All Windows supported screen resolutions
Data Sample Format 6 or 8 places 6 or 8 places 10 places
Enter Data via Keyboard yes yes yes
Enter Data via Electronic Gage yes yes yes
Max. file size (SG's) 9000 subgroups 9000 subgroups unlimited
Max. subgroup size 24 samples 24 samples 25 samples
Max. non-conformities/subgroup 10 10 unlimited
Max. Data Files per Directory 200 200 unlimited
ASCII Import/Export yes via SPC Express via Microsoft Access,
Text File, CSV File
Query-based Reporting yes via SPC Express yes
Maximum Number of Characteristics Open at the Same Time 1 32 100+
Runs on a Network yes yes yes
Access Compatible Data Base     yes
Global Editing of Subgroup Data     yes
User Definable Traceability Fields yes yes yes
Browse through subgroups yes yes yes
Predefined keyboard prefix yes   yes
Apply Formulas to Gage Input yes yes yes
Combine Gage Inputs   yes yes
Apply Reasonableness Limits to Gage Inputs   yes yes
Checking for Trends and Shifts   yes yes
Scrolling On-screen Graphs     yes
On-screen Help yes yes yes
DOS Data File conversion utility     yes
Password Protection yes yes yes
CAD Drawing Interface yes yes yes
Part File Layouts   yes yes
Out of Control Prompting and Logging   yes yes
Plant-Wide Monitoring   yes (with optional AutoScope) yes (with optional AutoScope)